Horseback riding on the beach

One Hour, Two Hour, Half Day & Day Treks

One Hour Trek.

Suitable for all levels of rider from novice to experienced, this trek will go at a slow pace (walk and trot only). It is a gentle trail ride where you can take in great views of The Ring of Kerry, Dingle Mountains and the Castlemaine Harbour. 

Two Hour Trek.

A trek never to be forgotten! We leave our yard and head for Curra Mountain taking in the world renowned Horseshoe Valley. We then head down to Rossbeigh beach with spectacular views of the Dingle Peninsula, Castlemaine Harbour and Rossbeigh beach. The second hour of the trek is spent on Rossbeigh beach. Riders will walk, trot and canter depending on individual rider’s experience. Rossbeigh beach provides us with miles of sandy beach to canter along.

Half day Trek (Three-Three and a half hours).

Much like the two hour trek we start the half day by trekking from our farm heading towards the Curra Mountain. From here we continue with spectacular views of the Horseshoe Valley, Coomasaharn Mountains and Drung Hill before we descend down through Rossbeigh mountain. The final hour of the trek is spent on Rossbeigh where Riders will Walk, Trot and Canter depending on individual rider’s experience. 

Full Day Trek.

 Caragh Lake – as we trek over Seefin Mountain you can take in spectacular views of the Glencar Valley. We ride through the Windy Gap which gives us a bird’s eye view of the Iveragh Peninsula, Dingle Bay Mountains, Rossbeigh beach and the whole Horse Shoe Valley. We ride Through Glenbeigh Village and out to Rossbeigh beach for a beach ride not to be forgotten! Lunch is Provided. (Minimum 3 Riders) 

Price Includes VAT. Hats and Boots are provided. Please give an honest opinion of riding ability. If you are nervous or have any issue that will affect your riding ability please bring this to the attention of staff immediately.


Full Day Trek

15000Incl. VAT
  • Lunch Provided

Super Saver Trekking Rates For 2017 Season!

One hour Trek

3000Per Person
  • For All Level Riders
  • Tour Rossbeigh Beach
  • 4 Miles Long
  • Walk & Trot Only

Two hour Trek

5000Per Person
  • For All Level Riders 
  • Mountain and Beach Trek
  • 8 Miles Long
  • Walk, Trot and Canter (based on rider ability)

1/2 Day trek

9000per person
  • For All Level Riders
  • Mountain(alternate route) and Beach Trek.
  • Three-Three and a Half Hours.
  • Walk, Trot and Canter (based on rider ability)

Full Day Trek

15000per person
  • For All Level Riders (Minimum 3 Riders) 
  • Mountain, Valley, Village and Beach Trek.
  • Lunch Provided
  • Walk, Trot and Canter (based on rider ability)